In general, the following guidelines will be observed in making awards:

  • The Trust is for the benefit of individuals who attend any institution of further or higher education and who live in the area of the Bromsgrove District Council for one year (or whose parents are resident in the Bromsgrove District Council area) and who are in need of financial assistance for a specific project.
  • The Trust moreover supports organisations whose proposals meet the object of improving the quality of life for Bromsgrove inhabitants, from whom applications are also invited;
  • Funding is not normally available towards the standard costs of education e.g. for NVQs, A or AS levels, undergraduate or postgraduate courses.  Nevertheless, from time to time one-off small grants may be paid towards specific items such as books or equipment for vocational courses.

The Trustees’ aim, however, is not to be too prescriptive within the terms of reference, in order to allow as much flexibility as possible to potential applicants.

Awards will be considered at three levels:

  • up to £500
  • up to £2000
  • up to £5000