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Amazon Charity Challenge

Dear Bromsgrove Institute Trust,

May I thank you personally for the donation you make towards my Amazon Charity Challenge earlier on in the year. It was very generous of you to grant as much as you did and for this, I will be forever grateful.

Not only did it allow me to have a safe journey, but an enjoyable one too – More importantly it allowed me to go where not many have been and raise money for a charity so close to my heart. I bought mainly items to keep me dry such as microfiber towels and gortex coats, also, things like first aid items that proved very helpful!

Midlands Air Ambulance, in total from our challenge, raised a massive £67,000 which is an incredible 27 missions; the chance to save the same amount of lives.

I was unsure of weather I would be granted the donation due to it being an unusual request but I, and the charity are so so pleased that you did – It not only helped this incredible charity but enabled me to experience something exceptional. A real once in a life time opportunity.

I attach some photos for you – Hopefully these will go some of the way towards sharing my experiences. We managed to hold camen, cannoned in excess of 30km, caught our own fish and swam with piranha (the nice kind!)

Again, this is something we talk about regularly with the team; something I will never ever forget.

Thank you to each one of you for your decision and your kindness. It has make everlasting memories and ultimately saved lives.

Best Wishes

Adam Lote

FdSc MCPara

Paramedic, MAA Volunteer and jungle extraordinaire.


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