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Bromsgrove Institute Trust thanked for its help getting North, South and Chadsgrove students through

Taken from the article from the Bromsgrove Standard on the 21st May by Tristan Harris

Headteachers across the district have thanked the Bromsgrove Institute Trust for the way it helped school pupils with their remote learning.

During the recent closures, North Bromsgrove High, South Bromsgrove High and Chadsgrove School all received funding to buy 20 laptops per school so young people could access live lessons delivered by their teachers.

Headteachers Nick Gibson, Chris Smith and Deb Rattley were delighted the trust was able to support in this way.

Mr Smith, headteacher at South Bromsgrove, said: “Remote learning was very challenging for students without an appropriate device.

“This funding from the Bromsgrove Institute Trust ensured that our students could engage fully with our provision and we are extremely grateful.”

Deb Rattley, Chadsgrove head, added: “We are so very grateful to the Bromsgrove Institute for funding the high quality technology for our pupils at Chadsgrove whilst they have been unable to be in school.

“The equipment has supported children to not only complete work tasks but also support their communication resulting in increased independence and confidence.

“Families have also expressed their thanks as it has enabled them to better support their child remotely and given them a valuable connection with school.”


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