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Kalahari Desert

I used money given to me by the Bromsgrove Institute to help fund my dissertation, which I carried out in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. I was studying for my BSc Geography degree and used the money to study and date some of the sand dunes in the desert. I am very grateful for the help given without which I would not have been able to undertake such an adventurous project.

I had an absolutely amazing time, I saw some stunning landscapes, ate some amazing braais (barbeques) under the stars in the desert, and met lots of very friendly people who were interested in my work. My research and dating led me to come to the conclusion that the part of the desert I was looking at was laid down possibly some 15, 000 years ago which is helpful for climate change studies, and was a very interesting project for me.

The grant without a doubt contributed to my achieving a 2:1 grade both in my dissertation and consequently my degree. I am now continuing my studies with a Masters degree at University College London. Thanks Bromsgrove Institute!


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